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Satellite navigation, GAGAN(GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation)  and Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)
Indian Penal Code Sections from 401 to section 511 and their meaning
Indian Penal Code Sections from 301 to section 400 and their meaning
Indian Penal Code Sections from 201 to section 300 and their meaning
Indian Penal Code Sections from 101 to section 200 and their meaning
Indian Penal Code Sections from Section 1 to Section 100 and their meaning
Today's most alarming problem "THYROID" more than a quarter of population suffering from this problem
WannaCry virus spread through networks too: Experts
  How to score well in Physics in CBSE Class XII Board Exams
IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) Technology
Diabetes its symptoms causes and prevention
Plague, its symptoms, causes and prevention
Rabies (symptoms, causes, diagnosis and prevention)
Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms and sources
Anaemia, its symptoms and causes
Fibromyalgia (A painful disease), its symptoms, causes and self care
World's tallest rail bridge soon over river Chenab in J&K (Great engineering work)
 New technique to help deaf-blind 'watch' TV
Nouns and Pronouns: Proper noun common noun abstract noun countable and uncountable nouns, personal demonstrative interrogative relative and indefinite pronouns
What are adjectives? Types of adjectives as positive adjective comparative adjective and superlative adjective
When you bribe your teacher see what happens to public and what public face
what a performance, they performed like playing with a doll, awesome, must watch video
100 most important idioms with their meaning and examples for competitive exams
Antonyms list for the preparation of SSC, PSC, Banking, Railwys, PSU, Teaching and other exams
Use of modal verbs are can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would.
Improve your knowledge with 96 most commonly used synonyms words in English
Most Commonly used Slang Words and Their Meanings in daily life
Simple conversation on taking a vacation, at the theatre, on favourite sport and other
Simple english conversation at wedding, when giving advice, opinion, at pet store and talking about hobby
Daily use english about time, telephone call, coincidence, ordering a meal, meeting with a doctor and asking direction
Improve your english with formal and informal greeting, introduction
Brief knowledge about Indian parliament and its part Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
Quiz for physics----Test your knowledge here
Quiz for computer science---Test your knowledge here
Geodesy and its applications and the importance of reference surface
SAARC satellite to be launched on May 5--A gift to neighbouring countries
Kids of smokers may carry nicotine on their hands--Must read topic